Groepsaccommodatie, hostel & bootverhuur HET TOPPUNT in Sneek

Over het Toppunt


Group accommodation for 20 to 40 people

The Toppunt is a group accommodation in Sneek, Friesland for 20 people or up to 40 people. The accommodation is divided into 4 parts:     

  1. The front house, 3 rooms, up to 6 people     
  2. The side deck, 3 rooms, maximum 14 people     
  3. The sailing school, 4 rooms, up to 20 people  
  4. The complete Toppunt, 10 rooms, up to 40 people

The group accommodation has a kitchen, a cozy living room and recently renovated bathroom facilities. The accommodation is very suitable for a group stay. For example, with your watersports loving friends, colleagues, school or family. If you rent the group accommodation, then you have accommodation exclusively for your group at your disposal.


Hostel Sneek

In addition to the rental as a group accommodation, the Toppunt is a cozy hostel in Sneek. Private rooms are available in the front house and the side deck. This is a room for a maximum of 2, 4 or 6 people. The sailing school has dormitories for 4 or 8 people for individual travelers and groups. The rooms are equipped with good beds and blackout curtains for a good night's sleep.


Boat rental

The Toppunt is a boat rental company, where we carry out the maintenance, cleaning, issuing and receiving of sailing boats, sloops, canoes and supboards with a constant quality. We can provide you with personalized service. We explain in advance how you can sail the boat safely and reliably and we are happy to give you tips, routes and beautiful places.


Unique location in Friesland

The Toppunt is uniquely situated on the Houkesloot, between Sneek and Sneekermeer. The watersports heart of Friesland! From Het Toppunt you can sail limitlessly through the beautiful nature, the picturesque villages and charming towns of Friesland. It is not without reason that the first sailing school started in 1942 at this location in Friesland.


Who are we?


Fokko & Emily Terpstra have been the proud owners of the Toppunt in Sneek since 2018. This has fulfilled a long-held wish. We have been the founders and owners of JFT Watersport since 1997. We find water sports and guests to discover beautiful Friesland fantastic! By purchasing the Toppunt you can no longer enjoy Friesland from a boat, but also from the waterfront.

Klant ervaringen

Beste Fokko en Emily,

Wat hebben we gisteren een geweldige dag gehad! ik kon mij geen beter verjaardagscadeau voorstellen. Een hele hartelijke ontvangst en een fantastische boot die kant en klaar voor ons klaar lag aan de kade. Wat mij betreft ligt het serviceniveau van jullie bedrijf echt bovengemiddeld , TOPSERVICE dus! Wij komen heel graag terug bij jullie , en nogmaals heel hartelijk dank voor alle goede zorgen.

Hartelijke groeten!

Randolf, Siep en Toby

Bezig met laden